Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Break

Day 2
The second day my family was here we went to the flagship Macy's. Its the original "Miracle on 34th St" Macy's and its gigantic! Its 9 floors plus a basement, it spans the entire block and has 8 restaurants. We spent several hours there although we could have been there the whole day.

Outside Macy's is Herald Square which is a little green space with benches and statues. From here you can get a really good glimpse of the Empire State Building.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Break

Day 1
My family came to visit for their spring break. They were here for a week and we did everything touristy you could imagine. I don't think they were quite expecting the amount of walking we did but it wouldn't have been the full NY experience if I didn't walk them to death.

The first day they were here we went to Central park and walked around the Jacqueline Onassis Reservoir. We went to the Guggenheim Museum after that and got in for free!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stuff I love in the subway

I love these little bronze statues! They are all over the 14th St/8th Ave station. The alligator is one of my favorites, but they are all so great.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lessons I've learned living in NY

1. Bathtub = Washing Machine

We live in an apartment that doesn't have laundry in the building so we send ours out. The problem with that is that when the dog throws up in the bed in the afternoon there's not enough time to get the sheets back from the laundry place before bed. Sooo, being resourceful I decided to wash the sheets by hand in the bathtub!

2. Straightening Iron = Iron

We decided not to bring the big ironing board and iron in the hopes that clothes that come back from the laundry service don't really need ironing. What I didn't really think about was clothes that we packed to bring to NY got wrinkled in the moving process. I was getting dressed for a job interview the other day and I realized my pants had huge wrinkles across the knees. Being in a hurry, not having an iron and having just straightened my hair I decided to try the straightening iron on the pants. A little tricky, but it worked. Just be careful not to burn yourself!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Expoloring the neighborhood

So where else in the world could you take your dog for a walk and stumble upon life size Barbies! I know the pictures are terrible because of the glare, but you can see the other side of the street I guess. I don't even know what the Barbies were for, it wasn't a store or anything so I'm assuming it was some kind of art thing.

Those of you who didn't play with Barbies as a child may not appreciate this as much as I did, but I thought it was awesome!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Madison Square Park

The park is just a couple of blocks down the street from our apartment; not only is the Flatiron Building right on the corner of the park, but it also has shake shack, a dog park, and my favorite building in NY.

Shake Shack has awesome burgers that are pretty cheap (meaning we can both get burgers and share an order of fries for $12, no drinks). The down side is that its pretty popular and even when you go at weird times you still have to stand in line for 30 minutes or so.

My favorite building is the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower. Quite the mouthful! I love it because at night the entire top of the building is lit up and you can see it from all over our neighborhood. I guess for me its kind of the image that I now equate with home.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


In my first week of living in NY I walked 14.9 miles!!! Its hard to even comprehend when the most I used to walk was through the parking lot to my car :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dog Park

Rosie’s first trip to the dog park…she wasn’t impressed and stayed on the bench next to John the whole time.

Expoloring the neighborhood

Yay....look what I found, its her studio and its just a couple blocks away from my apartment! I love Martha no matter what anyone says :)


Rosie has found her favorite spot in the new apartment!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Catching Up

John said I had to have 10 posts before I started a blog, so I've been compiling things I thought would be fun. If my posts seem random its probably because they're from two months ago and I'm just posting them now!

New York

So I've been here for a little over two months now. It seems crazy. Coming back from vacation in Costa Rica is when it dawned on me that this is permanent, its not just some place I'm going to be for a couple of months. I'm still not really warming up to the city as a whole, but I've realized that its the little things that I really enjoy. I love the little bronze statues in the subway and the really great detailing on buildings, but the city itself still scares me. So that's why I decided to name my blog "Its the little things."