Friday, April 24, 2009

Lessons I've learned living in NY

1. Bathtub = Washing Machine

We live in an apartment that doesn't have laundry in the building so we send ours out. The problem with that is that when the dog throws up in the bed in the afternoon there's not enough time to get the sheets back from the laundry place before bed. Sooo, being resourceful I decided to wash the sheets by hand in the bathtub!

2. Straightening Iron = Iron

We decided not to bring the big ironing board and iron in the hopes that clothes that come back from the laundry service don't really need ironing. What I didn't really think about was clothes that we packed to bring to NY got wrinkled in the moving process. I was getting dressed for a job interview the other day and I realized my pants had huge wrinkles across the knees. Being in a hurry, not having an iron and having just straightened my hair I decided to try the straightening iron on the pants. A little tricky, but it worked. Just be careful not to burn yourself!


  1. oh i LOVE your blog!! you just need to change your privacy settings so i can subscribe to it!! MISS YOU!!

  2. Thanks, I miss you too! I'm excited to have people reading it. I have followers, is subscribing something different?