Thursday, June 4, 2009

Food Fun

John and I went to L'Ecole the other day, the restaurant associated with the French Culinary Institute. It was so yummy! We went because they have a five course price fixed dinner which included an appetizer, fish course, meat course, digestive salad, and dessert. By the time we got to the dessert I was completely stuffed and I hadn't even eaten all my fish. I think we were supposed to eat a lot slower so the food actually had time to digest but, we're not French and we apparently eat quickly. The food was great nonetheless but I've realized I need a fancy food glossary. There were several things on the menu I had never heard of before.

I've really been trying to enjoy living in NY and broadening my taste for food. We've been going to different restaurants that have foods that we never would've been exposed to in Arkansas. L'Ecole was definitely one of those places. Apparently even the cuts of beef are different here in NY. I see hanger and skirt steak on menus all the time here, never in Arkansas. John had duck consomme for an appetizer and branzino for his fish course. I've never heard of branzino (its European sea bass in case you were wondering) and I've certainly never been anywhere that served duck consomme. For those of you who know me also know that I don't eat seafood. Me having a fish course as part of my meal is a little out of the ordinary but like I said, I'm trying.

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