Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Ya'll

John and I went to his company's Halloween party Thursday night. Man do they know how to throw a party! It was over the top and people's costumes were insane. Being my first Halloween in NYC I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I definitely underestimated the level of commitment. John and I went as Arkansans. For me that meant a camo jacket, cowboy boots and a cut off jean skirt. John went as the guy that dances during the third quarter at all of the Razorback games, I think his name is Hillbilly Hog or something. So John wore a mullet wig, John Deere hat, flannel shirt, jean shorts, and the big hit of the evening, he went barefoot. I thought we looked pretty cute and we thought it was funny since we're from Arkansas. After the party though John and I both agreed we would have to step it up next year.
Just trying to remember some of the more impressive costumes:
Grover as a police officer
All four Teletubbies
The kid from UP in full boy scout uniform, balloons and all
Edward Scissorhands (one of John's friends)
Guys in tuxedos with really fancy masks
LOTS of guys in drag or some kind of skin tight leather

So on to the actual party...
First of all you couldn't get in if you didn't have a costume on. Once you were allowed in the door, the place was decorated from top to bottom including the hallways. There were three bars, all of which were open bar. There was a runway to show off your costume/dance/have performances. There were professional dancers (I don't know if I should really call them dancers because they also did some acrobatics in swings hung from the ceiling). There was even a dancer who did a routine with fire. Like I said, over the top. I was in awe.

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