Sunday, November 15, 2009

Most Productive/Expensive Weekend Ever

John and I have spent all weekend furniture shopping. Man is new furniture expensive! Our new apartment is a little bigger and so we wanted to get a couple of new pieces like a bigger dining table and a daybed for guests. We decided that now was the time to go modern if we were ever going to do it; the apartment has a pretty modern kitchen and bathroom and John has always wanted to have a modern apartment.

So after lots of looking online we made a couple of trips to actual stores yesterday and today and came home with some furniture. Here is the new dining table which is a much needed improvement over the tiny table we had that only sat the two of us, especially since we're having people over for the holidays. We didn't get the bench, just the table. We got the chairs below instead.Here's the daybed we got which we really liked because it doesn't really look like a daybed and it unfolds into a queen size mattress. Now when my family comes for almost two full weeks at Christmas we'll actually have enough room for them all to sleep comfortably.
Now hopefully we're set for a very long time!


  1. I love it! You must be a trained professional!

  2. i LOVE the furniture you bought!! and i'm glad to know that if i EVER make it to new york...i have a place to sleep...if the offer still stands (:

  3. The offer definitely still stands! I'm glad everyone likes the furniture so far because I would love suggestions on how to decorate, that's always been a struggle for me :)