Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas at Bloomingdale's

I went to my Bible study Christmas party tonight and Bloomingdale's is close by so I stopped to take pictures of their Christmas displays. This first one is a series of two windows and I think its awesome! Dynamic duos night to meet Santa and you've got Batman and Robin and Barack and Michelle Obama.
I don't really know what this window is about but there are a ton of shoes and everything is covered in glitter. The gigantic shoe is actually a conveyor belt and the shoes move along it. I think the tree made entirely out of shoes is pretty great.This one is gummy bears, I think, all I know is the bears are adorable!
So at least I've gotten pictures from one of the big stores now. I did manage to get my Christmas tree this past weekend and get it decorated but I'm not ready to share pictures just yet :)

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  1. I would like that shoe display in my room for Christmas, thank you! :P