Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Is Here

...well technically not until tomorrow, but 11 inches of snow sure says winter to me! It started snowing Saturday and by Sunday there was almost a foot of snow. I'm so glad it was over the weekend and not while I was trying to walk to work because it was freezing. Saturday night John and I took Rosie on a walk and went out to dinner and it was soooo cold! Poor Rosie's paws got so cold and icy she wanted me to carry her (she normally hates being carried). It was really snowing hard when we were out walking around and the wind made it pretty unbearable.Sunday was much nicer to go out and see the snow because there wasn't much wind and it had pretty much stopped snowing. We went to Madison Square Park and let Rosie run around and then we got Shake Shack for lunch. Shake Shack, for those of you unfamiliar, has a really awesome burger and its pretty cheap. Unfortunately those qualities make it highly desirable and there is ALWAYS a line. They even have a live web cam just so you can see how long the line is. John and I like to go when its really cold outside because then there's only a small line :)


  1. Rosie looks so cute in her winter coat.

  2. How many coats does she have? If she is anything like you, she has at least 10!!!