Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lion Brand Yarn Studio

Back when I was unemployed and watching Martha Stewart everyday at 11am I saw her do a show from the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. She was of course doing some really fabulous project that would be really hard for everyone else but it definitely made me want to go check out the yarn studio. Lion Brand isn't the nicest brand of yarn, its kind of basic, the stuff you get at Hobby Lobby and Michael's. Its definitely not the good stuff you get at cute little yarn shops but Martha definitely made it look that way. I was certainly intrigued :)
I finally made it by the yarn studio this winter and it totally lived up to expectations. This was not the same old stuff they carry at craft stores, they had cashmere, baby alpaca, mohair and lots more; I was impressed! Their displays were also pretty impressive, I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but the snowlion above is knitted and the lion head below is crocheted!In my exploring the yarn store I decided to start a new project and try to re-learn to crochet. I'll post pictures when/if I finish :)

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