Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yay Spring!

Ok, its not technically Spring but the weather has been really nice the past couple of days. There aren't really any flowers blooming or anything but its certainly warm enough to hang out outside without a giant coat.

Rosie and I have been taking advantage of this nice weather and the extra evening daylight by going to hang out at Madison Square Park after work. She's super excited because the squirrels are still out since its still light. Today we sat on the park bench and she searched the lawn desperately for squirrels. She eventually saw one and lunged onto the sidewalk. Unfortunately there happened to be a woman walking by at the same time and the lady freaked out a little since it appeared that my sweet little dog was ferociously lunging at her :)

On to things besides squirrels that we happened upon in the park....I don't know what these people were doing but it certainly looked hilarious. They were all blindfolded and holding on to the person in front of them. I guess walking around NY blindfolded is good for your karate (or taekwondo or whatever) skills :)

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