Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Picnic in Central Park, yes please :)

I met up with several of the girls from my Bible study today for a lovely picnic in the park. We had fruits and veggies, I made homemade salsa, and we even had mimosas! Definitely a different vibe than burgers, potato salad and beer that picnics back home usually entailed :)

You kind of have to approach a picnic here differently though. First of all you can't pack stuff in a car because no one has one, so that's pretty limiting. Second, people in NY don't cook, so that's even more limiting. Either way, it was still a lot of fun, someone even brought Taboo!

Where was John you ask....working.....on Memorial!

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  1. I know what you mean about people not cooking (or at least like we're used to). We did Thanksgiving out here in San Fran with some friends and I asked what I should bring, took dressing/stuffing & an appetizer. Well aside from the turkey those were the only other things we really ate - and for the hostess' lack of trying. When getting ready to fix our plates I saw some casserole dishes on top of the fridge covered in foil, I asked if I should get them down and she was like NOOOO! Poor thing, she managed to ruin green bean casserole (how I have no idea) and some other dish (can't recall). I think I'll host from now on!