Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

John and I have been taking it easy and enjoying the fact that half of the city is out of town this weekend :) We went to dinner Friday night at a place in our neighborhood that's usually packed. Tonight we went to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants that usually takes forever to get a reservation, not so this weekend!

I had big ideas for stuff to do yesterday but when I realized how hot it was outside those plans quickly changed. Instead we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art since John has never been.
I love how hard the museum tries to put the artwork in something close to its intended setting. The picture is of a Japanese garden and it's actually inside! The Met does an amazing job creating spaces that feel like they're outside.

After the museum we walked around Central Park for a little bit and then came home exhausted. We both took naps after dinner, walking around in the heat really wears you out. I'm glad we didn't do what I had originally planned for the day, we would have been outside way too long!

For the fireworks festivities we actually watched them on tv. I know it's a little sad that we were watching something on tv that was taking place a couple of blocks over. We went to the river and watched them last year and it's definitely awesome but I think it's kind of like New Year's Eve in Time's's too overwhelming to do every year! I will say it's a little weird to be watching something on tv that I can actually hear happening :)

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