Sunday, August 8, 2010

Birthday Surprise

Last week for my birthday John told me not to make any plans for Sunday because he had a surprise. Today I found out that the surprise was taking a trip up to Tarrytown to visit the Stone Barns farm. The farm is an agriculture education center and supplies two very upscale restaurants with farm fresh ingredients. Blue Hill restaurant has a location on site at the farm and then another location in NYC in Greenwich Village.

We spent the day learning about the history of the farm and touring the grounds. We saw all of the veggies, flowers, and livestock; we even did a class on how to make refrigerator pickles and each got to make our own jar of pickles. Of course our pickles have lots of other things like carrots, red peppers, spices and fresh cut herbs.
The farm was originally part of the Rockefeller estate and the actual stone barns were their dairy farm. The architecture of the buildings is really great, I'm sure it was quite the impressive cow barn!
What I loved the absolute most was just being outside and enjoying the green! John knows I NEED a little time in nature every once in a while. For some reason it's like a little piece of zen for me when there's green everywhere and blue skies without buildings and definitely the quiet, oh the quiet! I guess you can take the girl out of Arkansas but you can't take Arkansas out of the girl :)

I'll leave you with my favorite photo from the day.....

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