Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

While I was in Little Rock I also took my mom and sister to the Memphis Zoo. It was really my attempt to make driving me to Memphis to the airport worthwhile :) It ended up being cheaper to fly into LR on my way down but fly out of Memphis on my way back and it made for a fun little trip for me and the fam.
And the occasional other creature :)
My sister had never been to the Memphis Zoo and it is definitely a nicer zoo than the one in Little Rock. They even had pandas, apparently only four zoos in the US have pandas!
It made for a really nice last day on my Arkansas visit, sometimes it's really hard for me to say goodbye to everyone and head back to NY. Going to the zoo was great because it took my mind off leaving and I got to spend a great day with my family! By the time I went to the airport I was so worn out that it made the goodbye a little easier.

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