Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boston Weekend

For the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday John and I took the bus to Boston. We both had Monday off so we thought it would be a great time to go visit some friends and get out of the city.

We got up early and took the bus Saturday morning and got into Boston around lunch time. After checking into the hotel and grabbing lunch we met up with some friends and headed to the aquarium. John used to have a salt water aquarium and is always interested in visiting aquariums any chance he gets :)
The aquarium had a huge cylinder shaped tank that had tons of fish including the turtle above and the sand tiger shark below! There was a ramp around the tank and you could walk around it in circles so you really got to see everything in the tank. They even had question and answer sessions at the top.
This aquarium had their sick area behind glass so you could see what went on. They had two turtles in isolation tanks and even had the turtles' charts posted. One of the poor turtles had to have a lung biopsy!
On Sunday we decided to do the Freedom Trail, unfortunately we couldn't get an official guided tour but luckily our friend Rebecca who moved to Boston in August played tour guide for us. She did a great job walking us around the city and explaining the landmarks :)
Mother Goose is supposedly buried in this cemetery as well as Paul Revere. His actual headstone is the one to the right and the larger one was added later.
 The old state house which sadly now has a Ruth's Chris steakhouse in it.
The Parker hotel where we were staying is supposed to be the birthplace of Boston cream pie so we definitely had to try some. It's not as pie-like as the name sounds, really more like a cake but it was still good.
My first trip to Boston turned out to be so much fun, we'll definitely have to go back sometime when there's not snow all over the ground :)

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  1. I LOVE this post!!!! I can't wait for many more memories of NYC and Boston together!