Monday, July 11, 2011

Apartment Projects

 I've been dying to put some pictures up from some of our travels so I decided to do a travel gallery. I spent way too long trying to find precisely the right frame and then realized how expensive buying ten of those frames would be so I ended up going to Ikea for basic white :)
I am thrilled with how the travel gallery turned out which is good because it took me FOREVER! First it took me way too long to decide on a frame and then decide if I wanted all the same size or different sizes. Then mat or no mat. Then days to decide on a layout. I'm just a tiny bit anal retentive if you didn't know that already :)
I tested the layout on the floor so I could work on and adjust the math which also took forever! I finally put the inserts from each of the frames up on the wall so I could make sure the layout worked and check the spacing and the math again. By the time I was putting screws in the wall I was calculating the thickness of the screw so I could make sure things were centered, I know, crazy!
Now on to my next project....
Check out the mirror I found in the basement of my building, I'm so excited! Its huge which makes it even more exciting because I'm sure it would have cost a ton. Now to find a frame :)

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