Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alaska Wrap Up

Here's the wrap up of the rest of the activities we did while in Alaska. We were pretty non stop with activities but what's the point of being in Alaska if you're not going to really experience it :)

Wednesday we went salmon fishing in a river. I have no idea which river it was, sorry. I've been fishing plenty of times but this was definitely my first time wearing waders and standing in the river to fish. It was rainy most of the day and just a tiny bit chilly in the water!
We didn't let that get us down though and it was a lot of fun. Apparently this time of year the salmon aren't hungry and are really only swimming up the river to spawn. Standing in the water you could see dozens of fish just feet in front of you and you could watch them swim out of the way of the lure. It was a little crazy! 
I distinctly remember we went fishing on Wednesday because it was my birthday. Unfortunately I didn't catch a fish on my birthday but it was still lots of fun and my sweet sister-in-law baked a strawberry cake (my fave) for me :) 
The rest of the week we managed to do a little 4-wheeler riding in the valley behind the house. 
The boys did more hiking.
 The girls even managed to fit in a spa day while the boys hiked :)
Overall it was a fantastic trip and it definitely lived up to any expectations I had of a trip to Alaska! 

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