Friday, April 20, 2012

Cherry Blossom Saga

After not having much luck in DC, my quest to see cherry blossoms continued last weekend when I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I finally got to see them en masse and they were fantastic! 
There were several different varieties but the big fluffy white/light pink ones were my favorite :)
My friend Susy was nice enough to brave her allergies and go with me. She helped me document my cherry blossom experience :)
There weren't many flowers blooming but almost all of the trees were in bloom, the lilac smelled amazing!
Another one of my favorite trees, the Japenese Magnolia, so pretty :)
Pretty much the only flowers in bloom were the tulips. Somehow everything blooming seemed to be color coordinated, all nice shades of pink, purple and white.
The weather happened to be great which made for a pretty perfect day at the botanical gardens, I think this may need to be a yearly tradition :)

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