Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

There was a lot of stuff going on this weekend for Memorial Day and for Fleet week. In Times Square there was "On the Town" movie and free BBQ. We decided to go and since we wanted to take Rosie we walked....first mistake of the day.

We got down there and it was pretty crowed, but it always is. There was a street fair going on so we got a smoothie and sat down to wait for the festivities to begin. We waited for a while and then realized it was Sunday and the free BBQ and movie was scheduled for Monday....second mistake of the day.

By this time we were pretty hungry so we decided to head back to our apartment to put Rosie up and then go grab some brunch. On our way out of Times Square we saw the Naked Cowboy and then a ballerina. There was also a female Naked Cowgirl but I don't think they're associated. They didn't interact at all and she definitely wasn't in the same kind of shape he was.

By the end of this little outing we had walked 3 miles. I was exhausted and had to be appeased with my favorite brunch place. John doesn't like going to my brunch place because I want to go every time we get brunch, but after the trek I deserved it!

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