Monday, June 29, 2009

Mmm, Brunch

Oh how I love this new thing brunch; its at every restaurant on the weekends and some on weekdays. The good ones are fixed prices and include a fancy drink. My favorite brunch place is pretty close to our apartment and so far has the cheapest brunch we've found. For $11.95 you get an entree, coffee or tea, and orange juice or a mimosa. Most restaurants are $14 and up, so $11.95 is pretty great and I love their food. I always get the eggs benedict and its so delicious, by far the best eggs benedict I've had (I haven't really had a ton of eggs benedict though so don't hate me if for some reason you happen to go and hate them).

The picture is the view across the street from Rafaella on Ninth which is our brunch spot. I took the picture while sitting at my table inside. I just thought it was kind of a cool.

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