Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This one's for you Irene

My friend Irene has asked several times to see pictures of the apartment and I've never gotten any for her. Since we're having our first non-family guest this week and I've been cleaning the apartment like never before I figured now would probably be the cleanest the apartment ever is and so it would be a great time to finally take pictures. Here you go :)

Living room/John's office


The kitchen actually has a dishwasher and a decent amount of counter space and cabinetry which is pretty hard to find in NY. This wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't come from my newly remodeled gigantic kitchen in Arkansas.


The bedroom is about 7 feet wide so with the bed you have about a foot and a half pathway to walk over to the other side of the room. I recently had to move my jewelry to the dresser with the lamp because in the rush to get ready I kept bumping into the corner of the bed trying to get to the other dresser. My blue and green shins weren't looking so hot.


Realistically, this apartment was a huge blessing. We came for a weekend to find an apartment and we really didn't know anything about apartments in NY. We were able to find this one and even though it has its down side (like the four flights of stairs) its really quiet, gets great sunlight, and isn't insanely tiny. We definitely could have done worse.


  1. I like your apartment. We only had an alcove for a bedroom in Rome and I had put one of the two end tables on the inside wall where Bill was sleeping. You see, it was so narrow that his feet stuck out over the bed and I couldn't get passed them in the middle of the night, so I slept on the outside. Oh, I forgot to mention that we only had a double bed, if that. Anyway, Bill woke up with a black eye from hitting the nightstand. You guys have tons of room by comparison! Anyway, your place looks really homey, and there's no poison ivy!

  2. That is a huge NYC apt!

    Where in the city are you all living?

  3. I guess its hard to think of as big coming from a four bedroom house in Arkansas :)

    We live in Chelsea which has been really fun.

  4. i love it! can i please come visit? and soon?

  5. You can come any time, I love having company!

  6. oh my gosh your apartment is AWESOME!! so now that i have LA off the list of places to visit i'm thinking new york?? (:

  7. Come on up, the weather is perfect right now!