Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh Deer

Yes, that is a deer lying on the couch with the dogs like its no big deal.

I decided that the deer at my Mom's house deserved its very own post. Sammy is his name and they've had him since the last part of May. When the neighbor found him abandoned of course she thought of my Mom; this is not the first deer that my family has raised. This deer however was much younger than the deer we previously had. Sammy was apparently only a couple of days old and didn't know how to eat yet. He had to be force fed with a syringe every few hours. Now he's a couple of months old and drinking from a bottle just fine. The only problem he has now is that the dogs want to share too.

Sammy lives inside and thinks he's just one of the dogs, he sleeps on the couch with them and sometimes eats their dog food. He's really adorable although a little annoying because he likes to chew on stuff, especially clothes. I don't know if its like a baby teething or if he just thinks its food, but if you leave clothes lying around, he'll chew on them until they have tiny little holes all over them. You're clothes are even in danger if you're still for too long.

For those of you wondering, Sammy will be going to live with other deer raised by people since its a little hard for them to reintegrate into the wild. Once he's off the bottle he's headed to a woman who has some land and two other deer that she's raised. Hopefully she has dogs too, otherwise Sammy might be a little confused as to who these other deer are.