Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

I recently went back to Arkansas to visit my family and friends. I went for a week right around my birthday and somehow managed to tour the entire state. You kind of forget how beautiful Arkansas is until you are back seeing it in person.

I spent some time in every city I've ever lived in in Arkansas and I saw as many people as I could possibly fit in. It was so much fun to see all the people I love back home and I really enjoyed getting to eat all the foods that I can't get in NY.

Cheese dip was one of those foods that I was really dying to have. For some reason NYC does not have cheese dip....anywhere! Its bad enough there's not really good Mexican food, but even chain restaurants that would normally have cheese dip don't. I have to say I was almost as excited about the food back home as I was about seeing all my friends. I know that's terrible, but cheese dip is my favorite food in the whole world! I will say now that I totally enjoyed seeing everyone much more than I enjoyed the food :)

This picture sums up my whole trip: cheese dip, family and friends, and birthday cake!


  1. Wow, so interesting to note that you and I have the same goal when arriving in Little Rock from these far away lands - FOOD. Or more specifically, CHEESE DIP!!! I was shocked and appalled to find that Californians do not know what "queso" is and shall you ask for it, they will bring you a bowl of shredded cheese. Seriously? What the heck is that all about? Mmmm, wanting Senor Tequila just thinking about it. Counting down, one month from today until we land in AR and I can get me some!

  2. How funny! I can't believe you can't get cheese dip in California either. Enjoy your trip back to AR!