Monday, August 17, 2009

While you're waiting...

I'm trying to get some pictures from my friends back in Arkansas before I post all about my trip back home. In the mean time I'll fill you in on some of the fun things John and I have been doing this past week.

Monday John and I went to Le Cirque with my friend Susy and her husband, both from Arkansas. Le Cirque is a crazy popular and expensive restaurant but because it was restaurant week they had a special lower price menu. The food was great and it was so fun to hang out with another couple, especially one from Arkansas!

Thursday we somehow managed to luck into tickets for Shakespeare in the Park. They do two different plays during the summer and the tickets are free but a little hard to get. I had tried to get tickets with Susy for the first play earlier in the summer with no luck. After only three days of trying in the lottery this time I got tickets. We went to see The Bacchae, it was a little weird and definitely gory but the play is in the middle of Central Park and the setting is pretty amazing.

Friday John and I went to Willamsburg in Brooklyn for dinner and then went to see District 9. John recently met some friends in Williamsburg and has decided he really likes the neighborhood. It was dark when we went so I don't know how much I really got to see, but I will say an $8 mojito is much more enticing than the usual $15 mojitos in Manhattan. After dinner we came back to the city to see District 9 which was definitely interesting. The best part was that the theater we saw it in was huge and actually had a balcony!

Saturday John took me to see West Side Story for my birthday. Neither of us had seen the musical or the movie so it was exciting to see it for the first time. I don't think John realized there would be so much dancing though, he's not usually a big fan of the big dance numbers. I however LOVE dancing and so I thought it was great!

We had a lot of fun last week and it was a great way to come back to NY after having a really hard time leaving my friends and family in Arkansas.


  1. I think Williamsburg is the area that they are calling "the new manhattan". just a little fyi. :)

  2. Yeah, its supposed to be all new and trendy...I'm not sold on it yet.