Friday, September 4, 2009

Go Jets!

I've never been a big NFL fan, really unless its an SEC team I'm not interested, but John and I went to a Jets game last night. John is working on an app for the Iphone and so this outing was supposedly for research purposes; I was just excited to be enjoying all that NY has to offer.

The weather was awesome, the seats weren't bad, Jeremy Piven was there, and people booed Michael Vick every time he stepped on the field. I thought it was great!

The game was the last preseason game for the Jets and I'm assuming because it was still preseason that's why there was no half time show. Instead they had 8 and 9 year old football teams come out and run some plays on the field. It was adorable and the 8 year olds looked so tiny on such a big field. If I didn't know they were 8 I would have guessed more like 5, so cute!

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  1. ha ha!! that's great. to bad brett favre doesn't play for them anymore :(