Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day

Yesterday I went to Norwalk, Connecticut to meet a couple of my old friends from college and hang out at the beach. This was my first time taking the actual train and leaving the NY area. I forget how close a lot of things are and how easy they are to reach with public transportation.

It only took about an hour from Grand Central and since my friends drove from their home in Connecticut, they picked me up at the train station. The beach was only 10 minutes from there and it was just what I had imagined a New England beach to look like.

There were sailboats everywhere and a couple of islands and even a light house off in the distance. It was even a little chilly which fit right in with my notion of New England. I guess up here the fall really sets in quickly because one day it was warm and then all of a sudden its not warm anymore. It was way too cold for me to go swimming, but there were definitely the brave few who did. Mostly we just munched on snacks and caught up all day.

It was a really great day and it was so fun to see my friends who I hadn't seen in several years. The only down side was that since it was chilly and breezy I didn't really think to put on sunscreen until I had already gotten a bit too much sun. Unfortunately I will be paying for that little mistake for awhile.

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