Saturday, October 24, 2009

Keep Your Fingers Crossed

John and I put in an application on an apartment last week. Its actually a studio, but is bigger than the apartment we have now and has an awesome kitchen (by awesome I mean HUGE and fantastically renovated). For those of you who aren't familiar with NYC apartments, kitchens here are often the size of closets. My sister thought it was hilarious that she could stretch out her arms and touch both the walls in the kitchen we have now.

Here's a picture of the kitchen in the apartment we're hoping to get. There's a full size stainless steel refrigerator on the other side!So now for the not so great part, the apartment is in a co-op building which means we have to be approved by the board to rent there. This has been worse than applying for a mortgage for our old house; we had to give them tax statements, bank statements, and letters of employment to start. After proving we could afford the apartment with all of that we had to provide two personal reference letters, two business reference letters, a letter from our landlord and a letter attesting to the behavior of our dog!

This whole process has been nuts and the worst part is that the board can take up to 30 days to decide. Here's where we need everyone to cross their fingers, our lease for our apartment now is up November 1st. We need the board to decide in two weeks, not 30 days! If the board doesn't decide by the 1st John and I will have to find a temporary residence for another week or two and that's assuming that we will be approved.

We got the apartment and we were able to move in this weekend!!! I'm taking a break from unpacking as we speak :)

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  1. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you. We lost out on one last year around this time and I was devastated but a few months after we found our current place and I love it even more. Where is this new one you're hoping for located?