Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Its Official, I'm a New Yorker

Well technically. I got my NY state driver's license the other day. I'm not really planning on ever driving in NYC but my Arkansas license had expired. I originally thought about just not renewing it because it would be a hassle and I'm not driving, but apparently having an ID is kind of important.

Just a few of the reasons I forgot you need a non-expired license:
Boarding a plane
Getting into a bar
Getting into high security buildings, like the Empire State Building
Filling out paper work for a job :)

I spent a long time at the DMV, but I guess it was worth it. I'm happy with the picture which is good because I'm definitely not doing that again any time soon. I had thought about trying to put up a picture but decided that probably wouldn't be wise in the era of identity theft, you guys will just have to use your imagination :)

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