Saturday, October 23, 2010


John and I went on a fabulous vacation to Paris a couple of weeks ago. It was really a perfect trip and it was soooo hard to go back to work after that!

We left on a Friday night and arrived in Paris around lunchtime on Saturday. We rented an apartment on so we met the apartment owner to get the keys. She was incredibly nice and told us about her favorite places to eat and drink in her neighborhood. She also left us a nice bottle of wine to enjoy. Renting an apartment turned out to be a great experience because we got to see a little more authentic side of Paris and we weren't crammed into a tiny hotel.
View from the balcony in the apartment
From the apartment we could hear the bells from this lovely church

We were pretty jet lagged after the flight so we took a nap for a couple of hours and then went to a bar to watch the Razorback and Alabama game. That's right, John did some extensive research and found a Canadian bar that shows American football games. So not only did we go to watch an American game at a Canadian bar where English was the only language being spoken but we also ran into other Razorback fans! How insane is that?
Our Razorback friends

There was a really nice couple from Oklahoma that was vacationing in Paris as well and then two other guys, one from AR who recently moved to Paris and then one from Paris who went to school at the U of A. It was very surreal to be in a different country but still be able to watch the game with other fans :) The whole night was so positive that I'm just going to glaze over the fact that we lost.

So that was our first day in Paris, I know, really exciting stuff :)

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