Monday, November 15, 2010


Ok, back to reliving, I mean summing up our Paris trip :)

Half way through, on Wednesday, John and I rented a car and drove a couple hours south of Paris to Tours. It was a little bit of an adventure driving through Paris but really not too bad. Once we got on the highway it was super easy to navigate since France has amazing signs pointing to any landmark you might want to see. 

Chenonceau was on the top of my list for our trip so I was super excited. It just happened to be a beautiful day on our drive through the countryside to get to Chenonceau so that made it even better :)
We did the entire audio tour through the chateau which was fantastic. If I could have a dream house it would definitely look like this. The setting over the river was beautiful!
And of course it wouldn't be a chateau in France without an amazing garden. How could you not love the ivy covered cottage.
 As we were finishing up our tour we happened to see hot air balloons, I don't think the day could have gotten any better!
Oh wait, it did......more on that later :)

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