Monday, November 22, 2010

More Chateaus

After our wonderful stay at Chateau de la Bourdaisiere John and I headed out on the road again to spend the day chateau hopping. 
Our first stop was Chateau de Nitray which was this quaint little chateau with a vineyard too. We were the only ones there and the owners were so nice. We ended up watching a 20 minute film on making wine barrels because we couldn't say no, did I mention the video was all in French! :)

After that we went to Cheverny which was of course beautiful and as expected had impeccable grounds. 
Cheverny still allows for hunting on its grounds and keeps it's own hounds which were clearly marked :)
Most of the chateaus had really long driveways leading up to the main houses and they were always lined with trees. It created such a dramatic approach!
At Cheverny they offered tours through the grounds including a boat tour of the canals. What I found really interesting was that the tour guide said when the canals were built they imported Cyprus trees from Florida and Louisiana :)
After spending way too much time at Cheverny we headed on to our last chateau for the day. I'm not sure this one can really be called a chateau since it was really more like Disneyland for adults :) It was enormous!
We didn't have much time to spend at Chambord since we were trying to make it to Dijon for the evening. We picked a couple of rooms to go through but we probably only spent an hour or so here and clearly you could stay much, much longer!

I'll leave you with one more picture of an incredibly long driveway.

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