Sunday, December 5, 2010

Au Revoir

This is the last Paris trip post, I promise :)

Our chateau portion of the trip was over and now it was time to make our way back to Paris. Along the way we drove through the Champagne region and saw some really beautiful vineyards.
John of course had to stop a couple of times to sample the grapes.
And stomp through someone's field to take pictures :)
It was around five o'clock when we got back to Paris and it was rainy and there was a lot of traffic. It got pretty stressful trying to find the hotel. When we eventually found the hotel John told me I should get out with the bags and stay at the hotel while he took the car back. I think I was driving him crazy with how nervous his driving was making me :)

That evening we had a lovely dinner and then the next morning we went to Notre Dame again but this time went inside. After that we had to leave for the airport to head back home. We had a really wonderful trip and I'll leave you with a couple of random pictures from walking around Paris and the link to the online album which has a few more pictures. You can click here.

Subway entrance
Bicycles for rent

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