Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Cards

I meant to post this weeks ago but like every year I procrastinate with my Christmas cards. There have been plenty of years they ended up being "happy holiday" cards because I sent them after Christmas.

A few weeks ago I saw that Shutterfly was offering free cards if you posted on your blog and I thought that would be great to share with everyone but here it is the very last day for the deadline, sorry! I even had a card picked out that I really liked and then I got the exact same card in the mail today from someone else. Guess I'll be picking out a new one :(

I've never gotten cards from Shutterfly before but I'm really loving their styles, you can check them out herehere and here. This is the card I was looking at using but the other problem is that it requires lots of pictures and getting John to take one picture is hard enough!
I love getting Christmas cards every year and seeing the pictures of everyone and their sweet families. I also really love having a steel door that I can put all of the cards up on :)
I even found some really strong magnets that will hold up the cute metal Christmas tree this year :)

Onto another Christmas deal that you'll actually have time to use, free shipping day is this Friday. Tons of stores will offer free shipping with delivery in time for Christmas! I'm super excited that I'm being bailed out since I have also procrastinated with my Christmas shopping :) 

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