Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The halls are officially decked!

I put my Christmas tree up a week ago and immediately got it decorated. The rest of the apartment however didn't get touched until this past weekend. We had quite the eventful week last week and by eventful I mean a sick puppy dog and going through four rolls of paper towels in five days!!! I'll let you use your imagination :)

Thankfully Rosie is feeling much better and I spent the weekend washing everything in the apartment and then finishing the decorations. Somehow I managed to get splinters in one hand, cuts all over the other and my back is killing me, but everything is clean and decorated. Lets see how long that lasts!

 My attempt at making another wreath this year. I should really suck it up and buy a wreath form instead of bending wire hangers together because each year my wreath comes out more oval than circular :(

John definitely thinks I'm a crazy person since I sat on the floor for hours bending coat hangers and cutting up tree branches! I think there was even a "no, seriously WHAT are you doing?" 
 More creative use of the tree branches
This year's addition to the decorations. I love these because they're not so traditional and they weren't too expensive either, always a plus!

And of course I have to give credit to the man who made all of this awesome husband who carried our tree six blocks home (as you can see its not a small tree)!

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