Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Festivities

I know Valentine's Day was over a week ago but I'm a little behind with posting.

The Thursday before Valentine's Day I had my second annual cookie decorating party. I love to bake and this is the perfect  excuse to bake a ton of cookies! I had about 12 girls over and we had so much fun being girly :)
Of course I had to make a couple of cookies for John. For Christmas I got him Star Wars cookie cutters from Willams-Sonoma and this was the first time I used them. I think Yoda turned out pretty cute.
John and I don't usually do much for Valentine's Day, this year we were leaving to go to San Francisco two days later so we really didn't do much. John was a sweetheart and brought home flowers and one of our favorite desserts.
I attempted to make deviled eggs from a restaurant that we love. John really likes deviled eggs and I usually only make them once a year at Easter. Recently though we had the best deviled eggs we've ever had at a bbq restaurant around the corner. I found a copy of the recipe online and made them. They tasted fantastic but they didn't look quite so nice. I'll definitely have to work on my egg peeling skills.
We just got back from San Francisco and I'll post pictures from the trip soon.

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