Saturday, May 28, 2011

Easter Weekend

For Easter I flew down to AR for a surprise bachelorette party for my oldest friend Whitney. Her wedding isn't until June but all but one bridesmaid lives out of town. Whitney thought she wasn't going to be able to have a bachelorette party and so we decided to surprise her and all come in town for Easter. We were all waiting at a nail salon while the one bridesmaid that lives in town brought her in. Whitney had no idea and it was so much fun to see her reaction!
After getting our nails done we got dressed up and went out to get drinks and dinner. For a bachelorette party it was pretty tame but I think that's just what Whitney needed :)

My trip to Little Rock was so quick I really didn't have time to do a whole lot else. I quickly tried to see as many people as possible and get in some cheese dip while I had the chance!

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  1. I'm just now reading this! That was the best surprise ever and such a fun day! Thank you so much for everything and you're was just what I needed. It couldn't have been more perfect! - Whitney