Sunday, July 22, 2012

Puerto Rico, Part 2

So, I got a little side tracked and forgot to post the rest of the pictures from Puerto Rico, better late than never :)
These are from the day we went to the resort's private island. They had a huge beach with all kinds of activities. We of course decided to hike to the other side of the island where there was a more secluded beach. The picture above is looking down on the regular beach and then below is a picture of the secluded beach with no one on it. Yes, it was private but unfortunately there were rocks and coral in the water so you couldn't really swim :(
And just in case one hike wasn't enough, the next day we went hiking in the rain forest :)
The rain forest is managed by the US Forest Service so it had great paths the whole way. You could drive part of the way up the mountain and stop and check out different areas. We decided to drive as far up as possible and then hike about 45 minutest to the Mt. Britton observation tower.
When we first got to the top of the tower it was sunny and you could see forever.
Then the clouds started to move in and it was like we were in them! The wind was so strong the clouds were just swirling around us, it was very cool :)
On the way down I took my sweet time and took tons of photos.
I was having a blast, apparently John got a little bored (yes, he's texting in the rain forest) :)
The last night of our trip we went on a kayaking tour of the bioluminescent bay. This was by far one of the coolest things we did and probably something that makes the lifetime coolest things list! Unfortunately we couldn't take our camera out on the kayak and it wouldn't have been able to capture the illumination any way so I'll just have to tell you all about it.

We went with a tour guide and were in a double kayak; to get to the bay we had to navigate through a mangrove covered canal that opened into the bay. Our tour didn't leave until close to 9pm so it was pitch black and the majority of the tour group had never kayaked before. It was comical to say the least!

Once we go to the bay it opened up and we could really see what the fuss was about. The bay is home to micro-organisms that light up when disturbed so every time you paddled you could see a swirl of glowing water. If there happened to be fish around you could see them move in the water too! It was such a neat experience and a really awesome way to spend the last night of our trip :)

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