Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Puerto Rico

In another effort to take advantage of living in NYC and having cheap non-stop flights at our disposal, John and I took a quick trip down to Puerto Rico for the fourth of July. The night we got there the resort had fireworks over the ocean, a very nice welcome to Puerto Rico looking out from our balcony :)
The next morning it was pouring rain so we decided to drive around and ended up going to Ponce which is a couple of hours from where we were staying. On the way we stopped at a beach side bar for lunch. I could definitely get used to eating lunch overlooking the beach, even if it is in the rain!
Once we got to Ponce we took a tour of the family home of one of Puerto Rico's largest rum distillers, Don Q. Apparently its called the house that rum built, it was quite nice :)
The house was built in 1930 up on a hill overlooking the city. We couldn't take pictures inside but the first part of the tour was all in Spanish so even if I had pictures I wouldn't be able to tell you anything about them! 
There also happened to be a gigantic cross that is an observation tower above the house, it was kind of weird to be honest. The hill used to be a watch post so I think the cross is supposed to be a memorial of some kind. Again, all the plaques were in Spanish :)
John and I have been practicing take pictures when its just the two of us and no one is around to take one for us. This is by far one of our better ones and the unveiling of the John's launch beard! He isn't shaving until he and his co-founder launch their start-up,
Here are a couple of pics from the resort we stayed at in Fajardo. Its perched up on a hill so you have a great view!
The view from our balcony had one of the pools below and then the ocean. Way off in the distance is the resort's private island! Since the resort is on a hill there isn't a beach so they ferry everyone to their own island all day long. It was pretty awesome :)
I'll post pics from the day we went to the island and the day we went hiking in the rain forest next. I've made up arbitrary rules about not putting too many photos in one post :)

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