Monday, June 15, 2015

Africa - Week 1

Africa is not really anything like what I expected. Granted I was told over and over to have an open mind and not go in with expectations so maybe its just that I didn't really know what to expect? The area I'm staying in is so green, not at all the dry landscape you usually think of when you think of Africa. It was even cloudy and rainy for a lot of the first week. I never really thought I would be cold in Africa, ha!
I'm volunteering with Cross Cultural Solutions in Moshi, Tanzania. One of the reasons I chose this volunteer organization was because of how organized and structured they are, they really take care of everything. The house we live in is fantastic and all of our meals are provided. They even try to throw in some American food every once in a while. 
Ok so maybe they don't take care of EVERYTHING, you do have to do your own laundry or pay to send it out. So far I'm choosing to send it out :)
My volunteer placement is at Mageraza Nursery School, its located inside a prison complex. I'm just going to gloss over the prison part because I try not to think about it too much. From my very limited understanding, the nursery school is for the police officers' children. I'm in a classroom teaching English to 2-5 year olds. 
Luckily I have another volunteer with me, I don't think I could do this on my own. Its so much more challenging than I had thought, mostly because of the logistics, not the actual teaching. The school has very few resources and/or teachers. There was one day we had over 80 children just in our one classroom! The other volunteer and I had moments where we looked at each other in sheer panic. 
The children are so precious though. They don't know much English but absolutely know how to say teacher and start chanting it when we arrive. It sounds a little more like "tee-cha" but walking up to school where the kids can't wait to run and hug you is pretty awesome :)

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