Sunday, June 21, 2015

Africa - Week 1 (Continued)

I love the colors in Africa, not just the green like I mentioned in my last post but the colors in town too. Besides the massive amount of Coca-Cola advertising there are these really great blue tones everywhere. 
And then there are tons and tons of sunflowers mixed in with all the fields of corn and of course there's Mount Kilimanjaro in the background, I mean how could you not love it!
I'm realizing as I write this that of course I would love the scenery, I literally just left the "concrete jungle" of NYC and am in an almost actual jungle in Africa :)

Ok, enough love fest, more story....

As part of our cross-cultural experience we have lots of learning activities planned. One was a tour of the local hospital with the chance to talk to local doctors. It was so interesting touring the hospital especially since I just spent the past year and a half working in a top notch cancer center in NYC.
It was a tiny bit different to say the least!

But it was also beautiful, I mean look at the views!

I know it sounds like everything has been so wonderful but I would be omitting a little info if I didn't confess that Africa, as much as I love it, is kicking my butt! Our days start much earlier than I'm used to and the kids have soooo much energy,  I am constantly exhausted and dirty.  

At the end of each day sometimes I'm so tired its hard to form complete sentences (which is part of why I'm so behind on blogging). One of my awesome roomies has been using the term "struggle bus" for those moments we aren't functioning adults anymore :)
Its all totally worth it though, I mean look at those sweet faces, love them!!!

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