Monday, June 29, 2015

Safari Weekend!

There aren't really words to describe how amazing going on safari was. I think I had a gigantic smile plastered across my face the whole time :)
We went to Ngorongoro Crater which was unbelievably beautiful. There were several times throughout the day that I was on the verge of tearing up just because it was so awe inspiring. 
The crater is a volcanic caldera and apparently the largest unflooded and unbroken one in the world. We had to drive up the mountain before we could descend down into the crater. Watching the clouds roll in over the rim was so cool.

And then there were the animals! Too many pictures to post all at once so here are just a few....
The next day we went to Tarangire National Park which was a complete change in terrain. It was much taller grass and trees and there were elephants everywhere!
One of the animals we hadn't seen all weekend was a male lion and we happened to be able to see one right as we were leaving the park. We were able to get so close, it was pretty incredible (don't worry, I had a great zoom lens on my camera, we weren't actually as close as it looks)!
I'm so behind on blogging and its about to get even worse because Mary Grace and I depart for a 5 day safari to the Serengeti today, so excited!!! Good thing we go to South Africa in a week and will be able to be lazy and catch up on everything :)

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