Thursday, October 28, 2010


Tuesday we went on an all day bicycle tour of Versailles. It was through Fat Tire Bike Tours and it was so much fun! I can't even remember the last time I was on a bicycle but I definitely picked it right back up which is a good thing because our first biking experience was riding through Paris to the train station. Once we all franticly got on the train with our bikes it was just a short ride to Versailles where our first stop was at this really fantastic market to pick up stuff for our picnic later in the day :)
After picking up goodies from the market we rode to the actual estate which is enormous. Most people only go to the main house and don't even see the grounds because they're so big which is a shame because it was pretty fantastic to bicycle around such a beautiful estate!
Marie Antoinette's house
After we rode around for a couple of hours we parked at the far end of the estate and had a picnic. Since we were in France we went for the traditional picnic foods, you know, cheese and bread and of course wine. We threw in a couple of fruits and nuts for good measure :)Here's the view from our spot on the grass. It was a little cloudy and grey but still a very nice view!After the picnic we did a little more biking and then we headed to the main house which is what everyone is familiar with when you say Versailles (the gigantic building in the background in the picture above).
The actual house was super crowded and had some really weird artwork displayed within the rooms.
Hall of Mirrors
We made a quick pass through most of the rooms in the house before heading out to check out the gardens.
That about sums up our day at Versailles. We had to take the bikes on the train again and then bicycle through Paris to get back to the tour office. The next day's itinerary included renting a car and driving several hours which was a much welcome treat after an entire day on a bicycle, I was just a tiny bit sore :)

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